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Owens Corning Glass Fiber – 3/4″ Bundled fiber for GFRC backcoats.

Type of Glass: Alkali Resistant, high Zirconia Content
Highest Integrity During Mixing, Best Flow Characteristics

LRG Concentrate GFRC Mix


Just-Add-Water High Performance GFRC Countertop Mix.  No aggregates for use as a grout to fill in pinholes or as a base for specialty aggregate blends.


Owens Corning Anti-Crack HD Fiber


Anti-Crak®  HD (High Dispersion) is an engineered AR-glass chopped strand designed for mixing in concrete and all hydraulic mortars.  The HD works like PVA and disperses in the mix and doesn’t show in the surface. Sold in 40# bags and dosed usually at 0.5% of total dry weight.

Trinic TEC 10 GFRC Admix


The latest in admix technology TEC 10 makes creating with GFRC easier than ever. Built off the same backbone as our GFRC Admix TEC 10 allows you to dose a single component admix that provides a curing polymer specifically designed for GFRC without all the issues associated with a liquid polymer. The TEC 10 is designed to maximize shrinkage reduction this almost eliminating curling, shrinkage cracks and crazing due to variances inherent to portland cement and dry sands.

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