Decorative Aggregates for use in Decorative Concrete

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AGT Glow Stone


AGT™ Commercial-Grade glow stone is specially formulated to outperform ANY and ALL other types of glow marble or glowing glass chips commonly found on the internet. We Guarantee It!

AGT Professional-Grade Landscape Glow Stone Pebbles


AGT™ Glowing Landscape River Rocks are made of 100% glow material and are not just cheap plastic glow pebbles or painted glow rocks. These high performance glowing river rocks will glow for over 10 hours after only 10 minutes of sunlight.


It is recommended that this product be used in loose decorative stone applications such as rock beds, gravel walkways and gardens etc. as opposed to being embedded in concrete due to the glow rock’s very smooth surface.

AGT ULTRA Glow Stone


AGT™ ULTRA Glow Stone features a 30% higher luminosity and glow duration than our AGT Commercial-Grade Glow Stone. This resin-based glow stone features a 40% – 60% higher luminosity & glow duration than ANY OTHER glow marble or glass glow chip product commonly available on the internet – GUARANTEED!

City Mix Lightweight Aggregate


CityMix is a patented lightweight concrete additive consisting of individual expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste particles encapsulated in an applied coating. The product is static free, mixes easily and uniformly, and bonds extraordinarily well to cement paste. CityMix by weight consists of approximately 50% EPSbased inner core and 50% proprietary, non-toxic outer shell. By volume, CityMix consists of 99% recycled EPS particles with 1% outer coating.

Recycled Glass Aggregates


Recycled Glass Aggregates are 98-100% post-consumer/post-industrial glass. It is offered in a range of NTMA sizes #00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4-7. Sold by the pound.