Materials for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Countertops

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Owens Corning Glass Fiber -1/2″ Bundled fiber for GFRC backcoats.

Type of Glass: Alkali Resistant, high Zirconia Content
Highest Integrity During Mixing, Best Flow Characteristics



Owens Corning Glass Fiber – 3/4″ Bundled fiber for GFRC backcoats.

Type of Glass: Alkali Resistant, high Zirconia Content
Highest Integrity During Mixing, Best Flow Characteristics


Complete Restock Pallet

$1,342.00 $1,242.00

Restock pallet.  Enough to make 2200 Pounds of complete countertop mix and another 100 pounds of non-sanded concentrate for grouting.  Includes plasticizer and fiber.  Just add sealer!

Federal White Cement


Federal White Type I Cement is a true portland cement manufactured with selected raw materials to insure negligible amounts of iron and manganese oxides so as not to produce the gray color of normal portland cement.

Owens Corning Anti-Crack HD Fiber


Anti-Crak®  HD (High Dispersion) is an engineered AR-glass chopped strand designed for mixing in concrete and all hydraulic mortars.  The HD works like PVA and disperses in the mix and doesn’t show in the surface. Sold in 40# bags and dosed usually at 0.5% of total dry weight.



Advanced ready to use powdered initial set retarder. Makes more uniform and predictable high/ultra-high performance glass fiber reinforced concrete, engineered cementitious composite concrete, and wet cast concrete.



Trinic Stage II Blended Powder Hardener / Accelerator

  • Blended powder hardener / accelerator admixture formulated specifically for the production of high performance thin section concrete.
  • Increases the early strength and ultimate strength of concrete
  • Offsets the retarding effects of high Plastisicer dosages while reducing pozzolan strength lag
  • Delivers excellent results in normal and cool conditions where very high next day strengths are required.
  • Curing times and heat requirements are significantly reduced while concrete quality is improved.
  • Does not contain calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chlorides and will not initiate or promote the corrosion of reinforcing steel
  • Less chance of warpage, curling, or cracking
  • A must for winter concrete
  • Increase strength gains as much as 50% overnight.
  • Designed to work with Trinic’s GFRC Admix

Trinic TEC 10 GFRC Admix


The latest in admix technology TEC 10 makes creating with GFRC easier than ever. Built off the same backbone as our GFRC Admix TEC 10 allows you to dose a single component admix that provides a curing polymer specifically designed for GFRC without all the issues associated with a liquid polymer. The TEC 10 is designed to maximize shrinkage reduction this almost eliminating curling, shrinkage cracks and crazing due to variances inherent to portland cement and dry sands.



Multi component powdered admixture for the production of ultra high performance wet-cast concrete

Trinic WetCast Admix takes the hassle out of making ultra high performance wet cast concrete. Its easy to understand and dose, simplifying what can become and overly complicated process.



  • Multi component powdered admixture simplifies the production of wet cast concrete, no more mixing and matching several different admixtures at different dosage rates to produce ultra high performance wet cast concrete.
  • Increases compressive and flexuraul strength as well as acid and stain resistance.
  • Very easy to dose, less chance for human error with a cost of under $2.00 / sq. ft. (based on 1.5” thick concrete).
  • Eliminates overnight shipping costs in winter, storage and molding problems liquids have.
  • Anti-foaming agents eliminate pinholes.
  • Internal curing agents protect against moisture loss during curing.
  • Dispersing and wetting agents improve color dispersion, intensity, and stability resulting in better color “pop”.
  • Contains System 1 plasticizer for water reduction.
  • Anti-shrink agents eliminate surface crazing, bowing, and curling. (when a proper curing protocol is followed)
  • Closes the internal capillaries within the concrete matrix leading to a denser, more acid and stain resistant concrete prior to sealing.­­­
  • Works well with from scratch mix design, also turns bag mixes into high performance concrete.



White Silica Fume – the Ultimate Pozzolan

Trinic is pleased to offer white silica fume for the production of high performance decorative concrete. We have thoroughly evaluated the performance of this product and found it superior to other pozzolans as well as other silica fume products.

White Silica Fume improves the properties of both fresh and hardened concrete.

The most important property is the permeability, Lower the ingress of movement of water or chemicals; lower the adverse reactions such as sulfate attack,
The reaction between silica fume and the calcium hydroxide, released as the cement hydrates, provides a dense impermeable pore structure.

Improve the mechanical performances of concrete.

The Silica fume reacts with the cement paste to form additional strong Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) providing higher strength.
Silica fume reduces bleeding and enhances the cement paste bond to the aggregates. Thanks to its pozzolanic effect (reaction with Ca(OH)2 ), and therefore to the strength improvement.

Recommended Dosage: Replace 5% to 10% of your Portland Cement



We recommend using the new and improved TEC 10 GFRC Admix! If you have questions about switching to TEC 10, give us a call! 321-978-1050.

Trinic GFRC Admix – Multi Component Admixture

Multi component powdered admixture for the production of ultra high performance GFRC, RPC, and ECC Concrete