Concrete Mixes Ready to Use – Just Add Water

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Single component complete in the bucket GFRC mix

  • Just add water and start spraying
  • High performance 11,000 PSI premix
  • No freezing or molding worries
  • Add fiber for a high performance backcoat
  • Add Trinic plasticizer for an SCC (Self Consolidation Concrete) mix
  • Available in standard or fast set
  • Standard Set – recommended for warm weather, overnight cure
  • Fast Set – recommended for colder climates, same day stripping



Trinic’s Agri-Rok overlay was specifically designed to repair and provide additional protection to concrete from this damage and will greatly extend the service life of farm concrete.

Concrete and the Farm Environment
The farm environment is very demanding on concrete. Expo sure to acidic feed, milk, manure and cleaning fluids along with mechanical abrasion from farm vehicles often results in signify cant damage to concrete, requiring concrete to be repaired or replaced early in its service life.

The most common aggressive agents on the farm are acids and sulphates: lactic and acetic acid are present where silage is stored and fed; sulphates are present in various effluents and manures.

The greatest amount of degradation tends to occur where there is a combination of both chemical attack and physical abrasion, such as feeding areas, silage pit aprons where tractors are handling silage, where animals are trafficking slabs, or where power-hosing washes acids onto concrete floors.