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Complete Restock Pallet

$1,342.00 $1,242.00

Restock pallet.  Enough to make 2200 Pounds of complete countertop mix and another 100 pounds of non-sanded concentrate for grouting.  Includes plasticizer and fiber.  Just add sealer!

Flexible Copper Hybrid Pad


Flexible Copper Hybrid Pads
Use Wet or Dry
Efficient removal of metal scratches
Nice scratch pattern to set up resin polishing
Perfect for edge work
5″ or 7″ : 30-200 Grit


LRG Concentrate GFRC Mix


Just-Add-Water High Performance GFRC Countertop Mix.  No aggregates for use as a grout to fill in pinholes or as a base for specialty aggregate blends.