5 Day GFRC Countertop Training | July 22-26 | Rockledge, FL


Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day
Location: LRG Solutions Inc
1950 Murrell Rd Ste 3
Rockledge, FL 32955
Call today with any questions or to register over the phone: 321-978-1050.
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Class Project: This class will cover an entire kitchen countertop project from start to finish.  It will include templating, fabricating, and installing an entire kitchen countertop as well as a vanity and a few extra concrete pieces.

Methods Covered: Templating, Mold building, Pouring, Processing, Sealing, Installation.

If you cant make it to all 5 days, you are welcome to sign up and come to only the days you would like to attend.


Class includes the following:

~70 sq ft kitchen countertops with exposed glass

Bar top will have integral backsplash

~15 sq ft full height backsplash

1 bathroom vanity

2 undermount sinks

2 medicine cabinet shelves


Other projects, time permitted, include window sills, fabric forming, and rubber molds.


Class Preliminary Schedule: This is just a guide to help keep us on track and make sure we are able to get the countertops installed by Friday. We will cover additional topics as they come up and will tweak schedule based on class interests. Monday is likely to be a longer day as we will be doing the majority of the work on Monday

Day 1 | Monday, July 22: Templating, mold building, and pouring countertops.

Day 2 | Tuesday, July 23: Demolding, grinding, polishing and slurry

Day 3 | Wednesday, July 24: Polishing, slurry, and sealer

Day 4 | Thursday, July 25: Sealer

Day 5 | Friday, July 26: Loading, transport, installation


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