AGT Professional-Grade Landscape Glow Stone Pebbles


AGT™ Glowing Landscape River Rocks are made of 100% glow material and are not just cheap plastic glow pebbles or painted glow rocks. These high performance glowing river rocks will glow for over 10 hours after only 10 minutes of sunlight.


It is recommended that this product be used in loose decorative stone applications such as rock beds, gravel walkways and gardens etc. as opposed to being embedded in concrete due to the glow rock’s very smooth surface.

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* AGT™ Professional-Grade Landscape Glow Stone Pebbles create a unique night glow effect unlike any other type of battery or electricity-based ambient lighting  solutions.

* These glow pebbles are for decorative purposes and should not be set in concrete as their surface is too smooth which may lead to glow pebbles popping out of concrete.

* Charging Time: 8 minutes of exposure to daylight and these glow stone will glow for 10 hours.

* Lifespan: 20+ years.

* Glow Degradation: 1-2% per year. For example: In 20 years, they will still glow at 60%-80% of the original luminosity.

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Aqua Blue, Sky Blue, Emerald Yellow, Plasma Purple


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