AGT ULTRA Glow Stone


AGT™ ULTRA Glow Stone features a 30% higher luminosity and glow duration than our AGT Commercial-Grade Glow Stone. This resin-based glow stone features a 40% – 60% higher luminosity & glow duration than ANY OTHER glow marble or glass glow chip product commonly available on the internet – GUARANTEED!

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* AGT™ ULTRA Glow Stone will neither shrink nor expand in concrete – even in the most extreme of weather conditions.

* Once seeded into wet concrete, these glow stones create a unique night glow effect unlike any other type of battery or electricity-based ambient lighting solutions.

* Specially designed for use on surfaces where there could be barefoot traffic. Glow stone have rounded/softened edges.

* These glow stone can be combined with AGT™ 1/4″ Glow Stone to create more ‘depth’ in the surface design.

* Charging Time: 8 minutes of exposure to daylight and these glow stone will glow for over 15 hours.

* Lifespan: 20+ years.

* Glow Degradation: 1-2% per year. For example: In 20 years, they will still glow at 60%-80% of the original luminosity.

* Excellent for: Pool Decks, Walkways, Patios, Bicycle Paths, Walking Paths, Driveways, etc….

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Aqua Blue, Sky Blue, Emerald Yellow, Plasma Purple


1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 1/2"


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