Collomix X055 Duo Paddle Mixer

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Heavy work – made lighter. The counter-rotating hand-held mixer Xo 55 duo makes lots of mixing jobs easier and quicker. There is no counter-torque on the user and the machine is easy to move even in heavy and viscous material. You can generally count on being finished in just half the time. That’s modern mixing!


Product features Xo 55 duo power mixer:

Techncial data
Power: 13.1 amps / 1.9 hp
Power supply: 110 -125 V
Rotation speed / Load 0 – 430 rpm
Mixing volume up to 24 gal.
Tool connection HEXAFIX®
Comes with stirrer MKD 140 HF
Item number 20453
Follow-up model to Cx 22 duo, Cx 44 duo

Area of application:
Miscellaneous mortars; Slightly moist mixes; Plasters; Screed
Coverings; Fillers; Filled and unfilled epoxy resin; Cement
Bitumen mixes, etc.



Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 16 x 8 in


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